November 15, 2012

Managed Wireless

TriCityWiFi offers managed WiFi Internet Access to a number of student residences and businesses throughout Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge.  We know what it takes to ensure your wired or wireless networking  job is done right, and are very familiar with the HSIA requirements of most hotel chains. It’s our goal to provide the highest-quality service available, with the utmost integrity.

A Complete & Flexible Hotel Internet Solution

From the initial site survey to installation and support – you can count on TriCityWifi.

  • You can choose to offer the service included with rent, or choose to sell faster access for a fee to increase ARPU.
  • Flexible guest log on page options. We can accommodate any log on requirements specified by most any hotel chain.

Our wireless High Speed Internet installation avoids the mess and high-cost associated with wiring your entire building for service. TriCityWifi Managed Internet service is based upon 802.11, also known as WiFi, which sends data through the air instead of wires. If you require hard-wired connections to meet certain requirements, we can provide those as well.

Service & Support

  • 24/7/365 network monitoring – If a complication should arise, our equipment and software sends an alert.  Should we need to respond pro-actively to an issue, we have the technology that tells us of a problems with your network before your customers do. Monitoring allows us to correct many issues remotely – often before you or your guests ever detect them; technicians can be dispatched on site if required.
  • Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM telephone support – provides friendly and knowledgeable help from our technical support representatives. If your Guests require assistance connecting, we’re here to help.
  • Telephone support for your front line – your front desk, IT, or maintenance staff has a direct line to support if required.

Unbeatable Value

TriCityWifi offers low cost.  The mission is to lower the cost of Internet Access for Residential and Business Users, Student Residences or hotels.  Your customers and your bottom line are important to us.  Our philosophy is to bring you disruptive pricing and offer you the best deal in town.  We won’t be undersold.

Unlimited Access

Yes, our access plans include unlimited Internet access – 100% CAP-FREE

Super Fast Speeds

Our network is capable of transfering 1000s or terabytes per day, we can provision services from 10Mbps – 1Gbps to the home or business.

What you see, is exactly what you get.  We do not hide fees or charge for bill for Internet download overages.

Call Now – Speak With A TriCityWifi Managed Internet Specialist Today. 

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