June 2, 2015

Bulk Internet

Bulk Internet for MDU

Your business is exactly that – your business.  No one knows it better than you, so focus on it and make it the best you can.  TriCityWifi focuses on Managing Internet Access for a number of business types.  For example, we hear it all the time that Property Managers get caught up in providing technical support or service for Internet access that doesn’t run smoothly. This is where we excel.  Property Managers should be focusing on renting rooms, collecting rent, and managing the buildings – not doing technical support for computers and devices.  TriCityWifi takes calls from Property Managers requesting bulk Internet access for small to large size buildings.  When the price and service is explained – it sells itself.  Fully Managed Solutions are just that, fully managed.  This means that 24/7/365 someone else is taking care of your technology for business and your guests.  When they need assistance, a company you trust is there to help.  You can focus on your business 100% of your time.

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