June 27, 2013


The HUB residents:  More Info

Accommod8u residents:  More Info

KW4Rent residents: More Info

Anytime you require technical assistance please contact us.  SMS Support is available 24/7/365 – Please Allow up to 3 Hours for reply after hours

Support Offered Via:

  • SMS ( 519-722-9434 ) 24/7
  • Email ( support@tricitywifi.com ) 24/7
  • Phone ( 519-804-4048 ) Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM.

How To Access Managed Internet Service

You must be in range of a Tri City Wifi Hot Spot to gain access to the network.

You can access the service by entering your wifi password which is located on the wireless router in your unit.

Users are required to have at least a 802.11b/g/n capable notebook computer or smartphone, or other compatible network-capable device.

To access the Internet from a TriCityWifi SSID or Wireless High Speed Internet Access Hotspot ensure your wireless is enabled.

Once your Wireless is enabled, search for TriCityWifi SSID and then:

  1. Enter your wifi password on your computer after connecting to the wifi, click ok, the wifi should connect within 15 seconds and the Internet will be connected to your device.
  2. If your using a smartphone or device where you can enter the password into your Wireless credentials, open the wireless icon, scan for wireless connections, click on TriCityWifi, enter your password.  Open your internet browser to surf online.
  3. Some common issues with wifi is that the computer wireless driver fails, easiest way to do so is reboot the computer, unless there is an on/off switch for the wifi. Once the computer is rebooted, please follow step 1 to get connected to the internet. If all else fails, please contact support to diagnose the issue.
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