WiFi Router Info for The Hub

130-1,2,7,8,9 Columbia St - 365-3,5,6 Albert St - Waterloo

How to connect to your WiFi
The default network name (SSID) is Tri-City WiFi XXXX (where XXXX is your suite number) and the default Wi-Fi password is 12345678.
You will be able to change the SSID and password through the router's web interface. To access the web interface, open your browser and type http://192.168.com in the address bar. Please note that we will be resetting each router SSID and passwords to default yearly every 1st of September
Where is the router located?
It's behind the big white plastic box (usually behind the door to the suite below the breaker panel)
Getting to Know Your Router
  • Power Plug
  • WAN/Internet Port - Needs to be plugged in
  • LAN/Wired Ports - For hardwired connection to bedrooms
  • RESET Button - Hold this button down for 1 second to reboot the device
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